Release Your Past!   Raise Your Vibration!   Reclaim Your Life!

DR. HARMONY HAS DESIGNED a three step blueprint to facilitate soul transformation by building a bridge that helps one to survive the shift from the “dark night of the soul” through transcendence to the higher self. The first part of this blueprint teaches you to let go of your past, or present life situations that no longer serves you purpose, including; negative emotions, thoughts, feelings and toxic relationships. 

Secondly, she helps you expand your soul by raising your energetic vibration and enhancing your conscious clarity, which helps you to view everything about your life with a new perception.

Dr. Harmony in an intuitive energy healer helping twin flames around the world remove energetic blocks that are keeping them both stuck in life and from experiencing the ultimate relationship. Letting go of your past helps you to attract positive things in your life allowing you to manifest at a higher energetic frequency, what Dr. Harmony calls “getting in the GLOW”, or vortex – aligning with your destiny, by doing so, in step three, you learn to reclaim your life from a higher state of being, helping you connect to your “Ultimate Calling” and ultimately reunite with your other half.


Dr. Wayne Dyer

Doreen Virtue

Steve Harrison

Chad Hymas