Journey of the Heart

Dr. Harmony - Twin Flame Expert   The Long Journey Home - Where the Heart Is! FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT and Prepare for Landing ~ We are Almost Home! Intense energetic shifts ahead, as the LUNER and SOLAR ECLIPSE Portals, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year...

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Are You Diving for Light?

Dr. Harmony - Twin Flame Expert   Have You Been Searching for Your Truth? Have you been in the dark searching for your truth? It is time to stop diving for the light and reach for the stars letting your purpose illuminate, while living on purpose – so you...

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The Circle of Life

Dr. Harmony - Twin Flame Expert   Life is not About Finding Yourself  ~  It is about Creating Yourself! Twin Flame Energy Report for the Lunar Eclipse ~ Super Blue – Blood Moon – January 31, 2018: Twin Flames are the Dawning of the New Age! This energy...

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Are You Feeling Hopeless?

Dr. Harmony - Twin Flame Expert   Are You Feeling Hopeless? Twins are you feeling the darkness in your starry starry night – maybe even a place of utter despair? Being in a state of hopelessness is passively abandoning ourselves – giving up on our destiny....

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Twin Flame Reunion ~ What Stage Are You In?

Dr. Harmony - Twin Flame Expert Understand the Seven Stages of the Twin Flame Journey? TWIN FLAMES MUST EXPERIENCE PURIFICATION and create a radiant heart before experiencing the ultimate relationship. The entire process is preparing the twins to become great light...

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Do You Believe in You?

Dr. Harmony – Twin Flame Expert Accepting Your Sacred Self Teaches You to Believe in Yourself! When you accept yourself with all of your flaws and unique talents, the world seems…

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