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6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint Program

Dr. Harmony Creatrix  

Schedule your initial 60-minute 1-on-1 'Quantum Leap' Discovery Session with Dr. Harmony to explore endless possibilities including; her 6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint Program that will equip you with 'turn-key' systems, so that you can own your worth, discover your purpose and share your shine!

Hello Fellow Lightworker...
Are You Ready to stop playing with your passion and start making meaningful money?
Here is what your 'Quantum Discovery' 60-minute discovery session includes:
  • Start by Scheduling an Initial 60-minute Quantum Leap Discovery Session - to learn more about this 6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint Program and how it can assist you to discover, design & deliver your signature message to the world (see booking page here for details).

  • After booking this session email: to receive an initial questionnaire that we will use to determine the best way Dr. Harmony can support your needs.

  • This session will help you give you tools and resources to help you unlock your spiritual gifts, tap into your intuition and gain insight so you can fully step into your mission.

  • During this session we will determine if 6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint Program is a fit for you. This program requires a 6-8 month commitment that will not only help you bring your message into form, but help you become your true self in the process.  

  • Regardless of whether or not you sign-up for the full program or not, you will have a clearer path on your direction to go forward with bringing your purpose into form.

  • If you decide the full program resonates with you, your energy exchange for this session will be applied to your investment for the 6-Figure Lightworker Program.

  • Investment Options will be reviewed in Your Initial Quantum Leap Discovery Session.