Are You Experiencing a True Twin Flame or Soulmate Journey? 

Dr. Harmony Offers Twin Flame and Other Soulmate Readings 

She is naturally gifted, intuitive energetic vibrational reader. Her spiritual gifts include: clairvoyance (see), clairaudience (hear), clairsentience (feel), clairtangency (touch), empathetic (feels emotions) and channeling of highly vibrational angelic realms. Dr. Harmony will read your energetic vibration on all levels; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual and in all quantum dimensions. She is energetically multi-dimensional and her readings will take you into the inner depths of your soul revealing crystal-clear vision. Her spiritual gifts allows her to identify past, present and future insights while receiving powerful information and Divine messages that will help her, not only locate your energetic blocks, and make the connection to the heart of the core blocks that are holding you back in every area of your life, but also in your twin-flame union. She is trained and certified through Charles Virtue’s (Doreen Virtue’s son) Archangel Life Coaching Certification Program. Her abilities allows her to read and confirm whether you are in a true twin-flame relationship, or if you are experiencing; a false twin, twin facilitator, soul-mate, or other karmic soul type relationship. 

Ready to Get Started by Identifying and Confirming What is Holding You Back Life and In Your Twin Flame Journey? 

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Private Reading 

Let’s gain clarity! Book a private reading with Dr. Harmony to enlighten you with crystal clear clarity and identify what is holding you back in life and in your twin-flame or soulmate journey. Let her help you identify whether you are experiencing a true twin-flame or soulmate journey. By identifying the purpose for your twin-flame mission it creates conscious clarity that will give you a better understanding of your soul contract with your twin flame helping provide inner peace and a realization that your soul’s journey is in Divine order. Dr. Harmony will deliver angelic therapy that will teach you to raise energetic vibration by giving you take away action steps to help you progress along your soul’s evolution and honor your twin-flame agreement.  

Identify, Confirm and Gain Conscious Clarity About The Following During Your Twin Flame Reading


  • Are You in a True Twin Flame Relationship?  
  • What is Causing “The Runner Phase?” 
  • What Stage of Ascension You Are In? 
  • Receive Action Steps to Release Energetic Blocks. 
  • Acknowledge Karmic Patterns & Release Soul Paralyzing Fears. 
  • What Stage Of Your Twin-Flame Journey Are You Experiencing? 
  • Which Color Ray Did You and Your Twin Flame Incarnate From? 
  • What Virtues, Lessons & Mission Did You and Your Twin Flame Sign-Up For? 
  • Which Angels, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides Are Directing Your Mission? 
  • What is the Primary Lesson You & Your Twin Are Teaching Each Other? 
  • And Much… Much… More!!! 

Still Not Sure If A Private Reading Would Be Beneficial For You? 

Book a 20 min. Introductory Soul Chat with Dr. Harmony. Let her help you determine if a private reading is for you!