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The 'Self-Love Makeover Workbook' was created to help address a serious issue that many of you are facing – the struggle to love oneself.


When asked, you may claim that you love yourself, but do your habits, behaviors and actions follow suit?


In the Self-Love Makeover we focus on “6 aspects of the self”. When you honor each of these different areas you naturally welcome self-love into your life.


Committing to “self-love” isn’t always easy. However, the 6 areas above provide you a blueprint that anyone can follow.


If this sounds interesting to you, let’s get to work!

The Self Love Makeover Workbook

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  • Self-Awareness Includes Knowledge Of…

    • Your desires
    • Your values
    • Your strengths
    • Your weaknesses
    • Your habits
    • Your traits
    • Your feelings
    • Etc.

    Self-Care Checklist


    • Do you feel spiritually fulfilled?
    • Are your comfortable talking about your spirituality?
    • Do you engage in any spiritual practices?
    • Do you regularly reflect on how your spirituality affects your life?


    • Do you have healthy ways to process your emotions?
    • Do you have people you can talk to about your emotions?
    • How do you manage extreme emotions?
    • Do you practice any mindfulness techniques like meditation?

    Acting With Self-Respect

    • Don’t Allow People to Mistreat You
    • Set Better Boundaries
    • Avoid Toxic People
    • Say No More Often
    • Stick to Your Core Values
    • Don’t Hide Your Emotions
    • Don’t Rely on Others for Fulfillment

    Building Self-Esteem

    • Identify Your Negative Beliefs
    • Challenge These Beliefs
    • Identify Your Strengths and Abilities
    • Set Goals That Honor These Strengths and Abilities
    • Make a Plan to Achieve These Goals
    • Take Action!
    • Reflect & Repeat
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