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Quantum Reality Shift Programs


6-Figure Lightworker Blueprint Program

Are you ready to stop playing with your passion and start making meaningful money?


Take Your Spirituality Based Business from Novice to Leading Expert in just 6 months!


Schedule your initial 60-minute 1-on-1 'Quantum Leap' Discovery Session with Dr. Harmony to explore endless possibilities that will equip you with 'turn-key' systems, so that you can own your worth and share your shine!

Details Provided on Booking Page. 

Heal Your Twin Flame Trauma- 12 Session Program with Julian

Does your twin flame journey have you experiencing pain?

Or maybe you are suffering from ascension burnout?


If your soul is exhausted and you are ready to rise above your anxiety, PTSD, hypersensitivity, or even sleep disorders, Julian will teach you how to heal your pain, restore your heart & own your personal power!


In just 12-Weekly Sessions,  We Will Realign Your Body, Brain & Being!

Julian can help you heal your mirrored wounds, transform your trauma, take back your power and experience true love NOW!


A combination of energy healing, emotion code reprogramming, coaching, exercises as well as divine communication will be used to accomplish the following:

  • Retrain Your Brain

  • Reset Your Nervous System

  • Recode Your Soul

  • Reconnect With Your Body

  • Reclaim Your Life

He Provides a Safe Space & Caring Environment for Divine Feminine Trauma Healing.

Details Provided on Booking Page. 

(FOR A LIMITED TIME: $1699  PREPAY (Reg. $2499) or 3-PAY Options Available.

Ready to

Move Beyond Your Pain?


ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint With Michelle

The Bridge that Will Help You Get From

Where Your Are to Where You Want To Be! 

If you are ready to gain clarity with confidence Michelle will guide you through this 12-session program helping you overcome challenging situations, release negative emotions, thoughts, feelings and let go of toxic relationships.


Creating space will expand your soul and raise your energetic vibration, giving you conscious clarity that will help you change about your perception about your journey.


Receive intuitive guidance, energy healing and coaching strategies, along with exercises that reprogram your patterns, making it possible to recreate your life from a higher state of being.

Details Provided on Booking Page. 

$1888 PREPAY or 3-PAY Options Available.