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Remote Energy Healing 

LET’S GET STARTED! Book a 1-on-1 remote energy healing session with Dr. Harmony to help you release energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck in life and in your twin-flame or soulmate journey. Let her facilitate your soul’s transformation by helping you identify what is keeping you stuck in life and from experiencing the ultimate relationship. By creating conscious awareness you will start seeing personal growth and forward motion in as little as one session. During your session you will experience shifts, helping you to gain more conscious clarity and raise your energetic vibration.

Book Your Remote Energy Healing Session & GLOW Forward In Every Area of Your Life!  Ready To Raise Your Energetic Vibration? 

Still Not Sure If A Remote Energy Healing Session Is The Right Session For You? 

Book a 20 min Introductory Soul Chat with Dr. Harmony. Let her help you determine if energetic healing is for you!   

Remote Energy Healing Tailored To Meet Your Needs! 


DR. HARMONY USES A VARIETY OF TECHNIQUES and intuitive energy healing, along with her spiritual gifts to locate your energetic blocks, releasing your past, raising your vibration and reclaiming your life.  The process she uses helps to clear away emotional, mental and spiritual issues that are caused from the malfunctioning of the chakras due to stored memory patterns within the subconscious mental aspects of every cell in your body, mind and soul leaving a negative imprint within the DNA of your Being. This tailored program will help to release and remove negative energetic debris; including: canceling karmic contracts, cutting karmic cords & releasing past life blocks. Clearing and balancing these magnetic chakras includes nurturing the soul by creating spiritual balance, which produces free flowing energy to keep your soul vibrating at its greatest potential! Removing these energetic blocks will also shift the barriers will help you to reclaim your life allowing you to connect to your Divine mission. In addition, you will be releasing the barriers that are preventing you and your twin flame from being in physical union. This program is designed to help anyone seeking a soulful connection with their beloved allowing anyone to experience the ultimate relationship – that one’s heart desires.

Dr. Harmony uses her intuition and Divine guidance to enhance her energetic vibrational medicine practice along with a variety of energetic techniques to help you receive maximum benefit by getting to the heart of your individual needs. In doing so, she will use one or a combination of the following techniques:

  • Chakra, Clearing Balancing & Reading 
  • Reiki  
  • Aura Cleansing 
  • Spiritual Detox 
  • Angel and Oracle Card Reading 
Chakra Clearing, Balancing & Energy Reading

Dr. Harmony offers a unique set of skills that integrates information she can intuitively read while scanning every plane of a person’s Being, as she balances your electromagnetic energetic circuit system on all levels; body, mind and soul. This process allows her to go deeper within the soul getting to the core of the energetic blocks. Her clients rave on how a single session helps them to gain fast and powerful transformation. By integrating her energetic, intuitive and personal mastery coaching skills she is able to read information from a person’s energetic field and then gain conscious awareness, while removing the past, present and future energetic blocks that keep a person stuck in all areas of lifeThis includes assistance with canceling karmic contract, cutting karmic cords and ties to past life bondage. When a person can relate this information to their past or current life situations and be able to mentally see exactly what is being affected and why those areas of life are out of balance, they can consciously redirect their energy and become their own intuitive healer. This prevents a person from repeating the same negative patterns over again in life.  Most often, Dr. Harmony will give action steps during sessions, along with personalized tips and tools that she recommends based on information and Divine messages that are received during a session. She also integrates her 20 year personal mastery coaching skills, her Divinely guided inspiration and magnetic personality making each session a very powerful experience.


Reiki is a vibrational healing practice used to promote balance throughout the human energetic system. It can be performed with either hands on or remotely at long distance. It is an ancient Japanese technique that was derived from the intention of using life force or chi energy and using God’s wisdom to penetrate and heal focused areas of the body. It promotes relaxation and an increase in energy as the energy blocks are shifted, released and cleared in order to promote harmonic balance within the body’s energetic system and its electromagnetic field.

Aura Cleansing

All daily activities of living affect your electromagnetic energetic field or aura and the light that you project outward as a spiritual being.  These 7 layers or energy fields, each one being associated with a particular chakra, leave dead debris or negative energetic particles, similar to free radicals. Dr. Harmony will help to remove this dense energetic matter within this energy field that creates congestion of your aura and in every layer of all 7 if the light rays. When these layers are cleansed and cleared, it allows you to feel clearer, also more vibrant leaving a positive impact on every area of your life. Once you have cleared the chakras, and have released the negative energetic patterns within the DNA of your being, it allows you to remain in vibrational balance. This process will energetically open your chakras, keeping your mental awareness crystal clear and your body in energetically in tune. This helps raise your energy, balance your emotions and give a more positive outlook on life, which will also create a more positive external environment keeping your life and relationships in harmonic balance.  If you are feeling emotionally drained and unmotivated to experience a vibrant life, this technique is a great tool to ensure you are radiating your inner light outward into your life.  Consider it polishing that inner diamond within, allowing you to shine bright! 

Spiritual Detox

This technique cleanses the soul.  Dr. Harmony reviews your energetic field, your chakras and your environmental energetic surroundings that may be affecting you and causing you to feel stuck. Our spiritual energy connects us to everything we do and everything we have in life, through the laws of attraction. This spiritual imprint is what creates our identity and makes us each unique in our own way.  When this energy becomes blocked, it creates feelings of not being good enough, a lack of self-worth, and not being able to speak your truth that results in a lack of personal vibrancy.  Dr. Harmony compiles the integration of all these factors and helps you to start the process of space clearing your electromagnetic energetic field, your body, your mind and your physical space. 

Angel and Oracle Card Reading

Dr. Harmony is naturally gifted, an intuitive spiritual healer and energy reader. She has the ability to connect with the angelic realms by using her spiritual gifts to read energy helping you heal on all levels; energetic, spiritual, emotional, mental and physical. By using angel and oracle cards as a tool, she receives powerful information and Divine messages that will help not only clear energetic blocks, but to identify and remove the core blocks that are holding you back in every area of your life. She is trained and certified through Charles Virtue’s (Doreen Virtue’s son) Archangel Life Coaching Certification Program.  

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Book a 20 min. Introductory Soul Chat with Dr. Harmony. Let her help you determine if energetic healing is for you!