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60-Min. Rapid Soul Reset 

Have you been undergoing a spiritual transformation and suffering from cycles of karmic release associated with your twin flame journey? If you have experienced repetitive abandonment wounds and found yourself going through the dark night of the soul, Julian can assist you with recoding trapped emotions stored within your body, mind, heart & spirit!

This session will provide tools to help you heal your wounds, transform your trauma and reclaim your power so you can create the ultimate relationship with yourself that will assist you with finding true love within so you can align with your Beloved! . 


Heal Your Twin Flame Trauma- 12 Session Program

Does your twin flame journey have you experiencing pain?

Or maybe you are suffering from ascension burnout?


If your soul is exhausted and you are ready to rise above your anxiety, PTSD, hypersensitivity, or even sleep disorders, I will teach you how to heal your pain, restore your heart & own your personal power!


In just 12-Weekly Sessions,  We Will Realign Your Body, Brain & Being!

I will help you heal your mirrored wounds, transform your trauma, take back your power and experience true love NOW!


A combination of energy healing, emotion code reprogramming, coaching, exercises as well as divine communication will be used to accomplish the following:

  • Retrain Your Brain

  • Reset Your Nervous System

  • Recode Your Soul

  • Reconnect With Your Body

  • Reclaim Your Life

I Provide a Safe Space & Caring Environment for Divine Feminine Trauma Healing.



Details Provided on Booking Page. 

(FOR A LIMITED TIME: $1699  PREPAY (Reg. $2499) or 3-PAY Options Available.

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Move Beyond Your Pain?

Julian's Journey



I am Julian Bamidele St. John Turner


I provide a safe space & caring environment for collective divine feminine healing. I have assisted many whom have suffered from shock & trauma wounds, helping them overcome hypersensitivity and restore their well-being as well as amplify their personal growth & spiritual development.

I have created life-changing programs that enable clients to release their past wounds, take back their power and realize their hidden power so they can unlock their inner wisdom and step into their infinite potential.


He has a diverse 12-year background in many arts culminating his unique healing abilities as a quantum healer, transformational teacher, medical intuitive, massage therapist, kinesiology, mediation, sound healing, holistic medicine and qi gong & reiki master, as well as many other healing modalities.

His mission is to help others heal their higher so their thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions are in alignment with their Devine Destiny and Mission.

Radiant Reviews 

"Julian is seriously a master at his craft. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows the answer and the solution to what I can say is almost everything. Not only is he super sweet and friendly he is also caring, he's not only in it for the money. I will recommend him to anyone that wants to see results.! Not a phony 1hr long massage that will have you walking out the same way you came in. Check him out you will not be disappointed."

- Evelyn R.

"Julian is a real healer. He has a healing touch, yes, but more importantly he has a healing presence. He is strong, grounded, and generous, and you can feel that he really CARES about you and your experience.

I was a bit of a hot mess on the table -- I had come in for help releasing all the tension in my upper back and shoulders, which I knew was emotional. I cried A LOT, and Julian just radiated compassion. He was great when I wanted to talk about it, and easily fell into silence when it was clear that I didn't. *Highly* recommended."

- Melanie C.

"Julian was exceptional. I lead a very active lifestyle both in terms of physical activity and stress level.  He worked muscle groups I didn't even know I had to release shoulder soreness.  I cannot speak more highly of him. I would recommend him to anyone."

- Claudia C.