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Need Quantum Energy Healing?

Awaken Your Quantum Abundancewith Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony is a twin-flame ascension expert and best selling author of Twin Flame Code Breaker. 

She the creator of Rapid Soul Recode™, Awaken Your Soul Blueprint™ and ReProgram Your Childhood Wounds™ programs, along with ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint™ - a three-step coaching program that has helped 1000's of twin flames. starseeds and lightworkers around the globe face fears, find freedom and GLOW forward on fire, so they can heal their wounds, transform their trauma, take back their power and find true love within.


She also facilitates her Abundant Goddess Group Retreats designed to de-armor your body, mind, heart, and soul with the use of tantric techniques.

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ReBoot Your  Twin Soul

with Michelle

Michelle Jones is a certified ReBoot Your Life Coach™  and an intuitive energy healer helping twin flames identify their core wounds and shift from the dark night of the soul to finding true love within. 

She interned directly under Dr. Harmony for two years and is an affiliate of Dr. Harmony’s Soul Freedom Tribe™ ReBoot Your Soul System, she is also certified in Harmonic-Energy Freedom Technique; an energy technique that Dr. Harmony divinely created, which has transformed many lives all over the world.

Michelle is also, certified as an angel card reader through Doreen Virtue, and received her reiki master certification, having completed levels 1, 2 and 3; along with Akanshic Record Certification - ARCI, with completion of levels 1 and 2.


Intereseted in Astroloty Reading?

Twin Flame Astrology

by Tatiana 

Tatiana Hassan is an astrologer, visual artist, dancer, teacher choreographer and spiritual guide. She began her artistic journey from a very young age, learning many diverse skills and techniques.


She is the illustrator for Dr. Harmony’s Twin Flame Oracle Card Deck and Spanish translator for Dr. Harmony’s book: Twin Flame Code Breaker.

She offers support for the twin flame Spanish community, providing clarity for twin flames that assist them to heal core wounds, transform their trauma, helping twin flames find empowerment. 

She holds a deep passion for the study of astrology, spiritual pursuits, and has created several healing modalities. She has implemented her spiritual gifts into her art, music, movement medicine, and how it relates to the human psyche.

Seeking a Twin Flame Reading?


Ready to Heal Your Wounds?

Transform Your Trauma 
with Julian

Julian Turner is a Quantum Healer, Medical Intuitive, Transformational Teacher, Massage Therapist, Qi Gong & Reiki Master and also a certified ReBoot Your Soul Life Coach

He is Dr. Harmony's twin flame and he provides a safe space & caring environment for collective divine feminine healing. I have assisted 1000's who have suffered from shock & trauma wounds, helping them overcome hypersensitivity and restore their well-being as well as amplify their personal growth & spiritual development.


I have created life-changing programs that enable clients to release their past wounds, take back their power and realize their hidden potential so they can unlock their inner wisdom and step into their infinite abundance.

Radiant Reviews 


"The progress just keeps unfolding, it is so WOW! Dr. Harmony has the most amazing energy."

- Heather S. (Whales, UK)


"Dr. Harmony is an AMAZING guide and teacher! Truly and amazing experience!"

- Kelley G. (Scottsdale, AZ)


““Dr. Harmony is an AMAZING healer!!  With her energy work and chakra aligning she was able to help me find peace and clarity!"

- Tori S. (Lansing, MI)