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Take The Majestic Swan Goddess Oath…
A Marriage of Self! 

The Majestic Swan Goddess Ring

majestic ring.jpeg


Free shipping in USA only – if outside US – please email for shipping cost.


Handmade from 12 gage sterling silver filled, creating a slight variation within each ring - producing authentic individuality. Infused with spiritual energy and angelic blessings - facilitated by Tatianna Hassan on the beach along the west coast of Vancouver Canada emphasizing ebb and flow, followed by Dr. Harmony anchoring that energy into Swan Lake - located in the heartland of the USA. Original design was custom made for Dr. Harmony in 2007. Reproduced by artist and skilled craft-goddess Tatiana Hassan. When you choose to wear this ring – you are taking The Majestic Swan Goddess – I Am Free to Be Me Oath.


  • Handmade item – creating a slight authentic variation

  • Slightly adjustable

  • Materials: 12 gage Sterling Silver Filled

  • Infused with spiritual energy & angelic blessings

Take The Majestic Swan Goddess Oath…

A Marriage of Self! 

If this ring has found you – it is time to wear it with pride and take The Majestic Swan Goddess – I AM Free to Be Me Oath:

I CHOOSE TO COME OUT ~ Because I AM The Majestic Swan Goddess! I Speak Up ~ I Step Up & I Stand Out! I AM empowered reflecting “supreme radiance” because I give myself permission to be me. I express my authentic self, and embody an expanded emotional range. I HAVE come into alignment with my highest truth!

Wearing this ring symbolizes my light shining and I commit to letting my light shine for others to follow. In doing so, I portray an image of ease and grace, exemplifying wonder in motion. I hold my head high and stand tall with confidence helping me glow forward with steadfast inner peace and purity. I am a courageous mystique being, experiencing harmonic balance of my inner masculine and feminine energies, creating oneness with my Divine self. When I am in perfect alignment it produces personal empowerment that generates supreme joy and spiritual enlightenment, as I live moment to moment in the “all that I AM” presence.

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