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Helping Heart-led Soul's Seeking Real Love Align with their True Self...

Ready to crystalize your vibration & materialize your highest reality easily and effortlessly?

Welcome To My Twin Flame Family!

Harmony's Journey

Dr. Harmony is a quantum healer, transformational teacher, alchemist of abundance, and freedom-preneur creating universal heart oneness. She has a 25-years chiropractic and vibrational medicine background and holds a doctorate in divinity. 


Dr. Harmony is the creator of many programs, VIP days, and group retreats that have helped 1000s from Hollywood to Bollywood transcend limitations, take back their power, find real love within, and step into their purpose.


Her mission is to help others awaken their soul blueprint, vibrate at their highest frequency and align with their quantum field to design a life, love, and livelihood of leisure and luxury. 


Through divine guidance, this retreat will assist you in de-armoring your body, mind, heart, and soul so you can rise above your limitations and align with abundance.

“I found my greatest breakthrough on the other side of my greatest resistance!” 
                           – Dr. Harmony


Twin Flame Ascension Oracle Card Deck

NOW Available 

Box Cover


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5 Color Suites
11 Cards Each

The Twin Flame Ascension Oracle Card Deck prepares you to connect with your twin flame and align with your life purpose through an 11-step self-actualization process. Twin flame ascension begins when your inner soul-self becomes activated through a spiritual awakening. The Take Me Home Pathway spreadsheet consists of 11-steps in the twin flame ascension journey. The imagery and energy of the deck guides you through the rebirthing process that allows a shift in perception, new insight, and more fulfillment in all areas of life. Set includes 55-card deck, 108-page guidebook and custom spread sheet.


Weight 1.0 (lbs.)

Size Box measures: 3.875” x 4.375”; 55 cards measure: 3.5” x 4”

Language: EN

Author: Dr. Harmony

Artist: Tatiana Hassan

Box Cover.jpg


Twin Flame Code Breaker- (Spanish Edition Available)

The HOTTEST Relationship Book of the Century!

Some Love Stories Change the World...
3D BOOK Cover.png
These 11:11 KEY CODES will help you Create the Ultimate Relationship You Have Always Wanted:
  • Are You in a TRUE TWIN FLAME Relationship?

  • What is Causing “THE RUNNER PHASE?”

  • Which Stage of ASCENSION Are You In?

  • WHAT STAGE is Your Twin-Flame Relationship In?

  • Why ASSISTANCE From Your Twin Flame is Mandatory

  • You Must Experience THE KARMIC PURGE

  • The Importance of FORGIVENESS

  • The # 1 REASON WHY Twin Flames Do Not Reunite

  • Understand Why You Must RAISE YOUR VIBRATION

  • SELF-LOVE is “Key” to Achieving the Ultimate Relationship

  • RELEASE Karmic Patterns including - Soul Paralyzing Fears

  • RECEIVE ACTION Steps to Remove Energetic Blocks

  • And Much… Much… MORE!!!

Ways To Awaken Your Lover Within


The Journey Towards Reunion Begins on the Path of Self Love.

Let's Accelerate Your Ascension Today!

Our Flames Became One On 8-8-2021

We are twin flames in union who have experienced deep soul transformation, necessary to reunite.

Together, we are here to support you on your twin flame ascension journey towards union within and reunion with your Beloved!

Our combined 37-year background in quantum healing has equipped us to help you heal your abandonment wounds, transform your trauma, recode your emotions, transcend your limitations, and reclaim your power, as you come into alignment with your true self, and magnetize your twin flame.

Our mission is to help you dissolve dysfunctional blueprints that is blocking you from experiencing abundance in all areas of your life.

We both offer private 1-on-1 sessions or you can benefit from our shared wisdom, love & energy. 

“Highly Awakened Power Couples are the Way towards Creating the New Earth!” 
                           – Dr. Harmony & Julian

Get Your FREE Self-Care is NOT Selfish Guidebook & Join this 10-Day Self Love Makeover

In “The Self-Love Makeover” you are going to learn the amazing benefits of putting yourself first. You will become intimately aware of the power of self-love to fully accept yourself and live an amazing life.


With the “Self-Love” program, we will uncover…


  • How your self-worth ties into your ability to love yourself

  • Writing prompts to help you become more self-aware and connect with your true heart’s desires

  • Affirmations to assist you with retraining limiting thoughts 

  • How to embody self-respect, create self-esteem by committing to a journey of personal growth


Signup and tap into the power of self-love. Unlock your full potential and start living your ultimate dreams and desires.


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