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The twin-flame or twin-soul relationship plays a very important role in the evolutionary process of every human. Everyone has a twin soul, but not all twin souls are incarnated at the same time. Once the twin souls join in physical form, they become twin flames. This means that the individual sparks energetically connect and create a flame – this demonstrates the difference between the terms “twin soul” verses “twin flame.”


The term “twin flame” refers to an “individual” twin soul seeking “self-transformation” along one’s “personal path” in attempt to learn one’s “own” life lessons so that one can master one’s own portion of a joint mission – a contract that you make with your other half at the time of inception, creating the power of two that is greater than one. Upon incarnation of souls, an energetic spark splits into two complete, whole and individual souls. Throughout each twin soul’s evolutionary journey, they parallel, creating a mirrored reflection for each other – forcing the other to see what it is they each need to work on within themselves. After mastering their agreed-upon lessons they join together, sharing their lessons, and then reunite for eternity.

One of the most important lessons each individual twin soul must master during their joint venture is the art of self-love, and then to share “The Gift” of unconditional love with each other and then together share it with the world. 

“Twin flames are the dawning of the new age!” 
                           – Dr. Harmony

The plan of the Universe is to use this collective higher vibrational energy and magnify the power of unconditional love, then to bring it into the physical plane by infusing this energetic force within the physical bodies of all human beings. Human beings are an expression of the Divine love of God, the creator of all things, generating oneness amongst all humanity. Therefore, it is important to experience oneness with self before being able to share unconditional love with another.


Once twin flames complete the final stages of their mission, they are granted what is known to be the most satisfying relationship — and one that every soul seeks. This is usually the relationship most people are seeking when they express their desire to connect with a soulmate.

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In this audio series, I will guide you through a meditative process helping you cancel your soul agreements that you made with others, of whom you signed-up with to be your teachers to help you learn your karmic lessons. These agreements must be completed in order to master your soul’s evolution.

This process will assist you in identifying who you need to cut energetic cords with, what cords need to be released, and in which chakras these cords are attached. This process will help to reprogram past negative energy attachments with others and painful experiences on every level - mind- body-soul-heart.

Twin-Flame Characteristics

  • Twins feel the need to be honest. The ultimate truth comes up and they feel the need for confession.

  • Twins can communicate about anything and everything and can spend hours talking.

  • Twins feel that they are born to carry out a great mission or have a greater purpose.

  • Twins emit creative energy used to create something productive individually and together.

  • Twins know the other person as well or better than they know themselves.

  • Twins enter 5D – 5th dimensional time, where time goes by fast, the point is to accelerate the process, getting them on the same page faster

  • Twins get a fast track of esoteric cosmic wisdom.

  • Twins start seeing 11:11 around the time of physical connection.

  • There is usually not a chemical attraction; they are typically “not your type.”

  • Twins prepare for Advanced Ascension work and do this work together after each have awakened spiritually, or at least are in the process.

  • ​Twins are always helping each other.

  • Twins are very intuitive; one or both have a strong connection and is guided by spirit.

  • Twins feel each other’s pain – even when separated.

  • Twins come together to help complete the balance of their masculine / feminine energies.

  • Twins feel an emotional and spiritual connection.

  • Twins have suffered much pain and previous soulmate relationships.

  • Twins usually have some sort of telepathic communication.

  • Twins have the ability to heal others.

  • Twins looks, feel and act younger.

  • Twins are capable but have trouble asking for help.

  • Twins activate past life awareness’s in order to clear the past.

  • Twins connect through the chakras and are encoded with “The 12 Chakra Template.

  • Twins can see issues that need resolving in other people and they know how to help them.

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