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A TWIN FLAMES MUST EXPERIENCE PURIFICATION and create a radiant heart before experiencing the ultimate relationship. The entire process is preparing the twins to become great light workers and to shine brightly for others to follow as they implement their joint mission. Therefore both twins generally parallel the Ascension process, with one twin being more evolved than the other. But in addition to that, the joint twin-flame journey also has a series of stages that you go through together.

It activates the karmic purge phase that is triggered by the mirroring effect, where each twin soul becomes the reflection for the other. The process will continue until they reach the deepest core of their being and eliminate all of their karmic history. Connecting to the higher self is a requirement of all twin flames in order to purify their souls, which must be done prior to completing their soul’s mission.

Nearing the completion of Ascension, we experience a unification phase. We master the idea of becoming one with our self while creating harmonic balance as we shift into our higher, more radiant self. Both of these stages are necessary before reconciling with our twin flame and aligning together into a full reunion.

“The ascension process creates soul expansion, which occurs as we transcend from our lower self to our higher self.” 
                           – Dr. Harmony

Understand the Nine Stages of Ascension

It is important to understand that the stages of Ascension are not linear; we advance from one to the next. However, some of the stages do parallel each other as we continue to Ascend. They also co-exist, meaning you may experience more than one stage at the same time. As we evolve, we weave in and out of the paradigms of each stage. While doing so, we release the negative karmic patterns until we get to the core of the karma. This creates space for our souls to expand. The following are the nine stages of Ascension and a brief introduction of each. You will find an expanded version of each stage in Twin Flame Code Breaker:

  1. Beyond Illusion – Spiritual Awakening – Gain Spiritual Understanding – Awareness – Shift or Be Shifted

  2. Receptivity – Raising Energetic Vibration – Recalibrating Your Vibration

  3. Transformation – Battle of Head vs Heart – Transform & View Life with Your Heart

  4. Breakthrough – Processing the Pieces of Karmic Debris – Creates Expanded Consciousness

  5. Clear Karmic Debris – Integration – Heightened Awareness – Layering Effect

  6. Rebirth – Letting Go of Old Self – Connecting to Our Higher Self – Transcending –Recreate Who We Are – Take Action in a New Way

  7. Unification – Become One with Self – Balance Masculine-Feminine Energies – Expanding Consciousness – Blossom Like a Lotus Flower

  8. Harmonization – Getting in the Vortex – Alignment of all Possibilities – Abundance – Become Radiant – Personal Freedom Unlocked

  9. Mission in Motion – We are the World – Paying Forward – You Are Ready – “The Gift” – Honor Your Agreement and Share Your Mission with the World – Divine Creativity – Sacred Sexuality – Connecting to Universal Cosmic Intelligence.

Ascension Academy Online Courses

Check Out My Guided Meditation Audio Series:

Release Your Past Healing Transmissions

In this audio series, I will guide you through a meditative process helping you cancel your soul agreements that you made with others, of whom you signed-up with to be your teachers to help you learn your karmic lessons. These agreements must be completed in order to master your soul’s evolution.

This process will assist you in identifying who you need to cut energetic cords with, what cords need to be released, and in which chakras these cords are attached. This process will help to reprogram past negative energy attachments with others and painful experiences on every level - mind- body-soul-heart.

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