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11:11 - The "Wake-Up" Call

"The universe is supporting you and directing you towards your path, as you "wake-up” and remember who you are." 
                           – Dr. Harmony
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The number sequence 11:11 is most commonly thought of as the angel number indicating that the angels are trying to communicate with you. Seeing this sequence of numbers is most often associated with your “spiritual awakening” which takes place at the beginning of the Ascension process. Twin flames from all over the world report seeing the 11:11 “wake-up code” just before or around the time of coming into physical connection with their twin flame. The purpose is to awaken to your twin-flame identity.

The following is Dr. Harmony’s definition of the full meaning of 11:11:

The 11 on the left side of 11:11 is the expression of the Divine feminine representing vibrational harmony when combining the masculine and the feminine energies that are found in the feminine twin flame. Likewise, the 11 on the right side of the 11:11 represents the masculine twin and is the harmonic balance of the masculine and feminine energies of the Divine masculine. Both twins must come into a harmonic balance of masculine-feminine energies individually before they can be in vibrational harmony together. Therefore, 11:11 represents the merger of two harmonically-balanced Divine masculine and Divine feminine energies. Once both reach this level of development, the two twin souls come together in physical union, becoming twin flames. This is required for them to complete the harmonic balance of both their masculine and feminine energies within each of themselves. When it is time to fully unite, the goal is that two complete and whole individual souls merge, creating harmonic balance together.

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