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Meet Dr. Harmony 

Best Selling Author | Twin Flame Ascension Expert | Personal Mastery Transformational Coach | Intuitive Energy Healer | Spiritual Mentor

Harmony's Adventures

Dr. Harmony is a transformative force, dedicated to guiding twin flames on their journey towards healing and union. Her expertise in quantum healing and transformational teaching helps individuals overcome separation wounds and find unity within themselves, aligning with their Divine partners.

Dr. Harmony also supports lightworkers in turning their passions into profitable coaching businesses, empowering them to scale their income to six figures and beyond while staying true to their spiritual calling.


As the founder of The Soul Writer's Academy, she assists aspiring authors in finding their voice, writing their books, and sharing their stories, ultimately helping them achieve their dreams of becoming published authors.

With a background in chiropractic and vibrational medicine and a doctorate in divinity, Dr. Harmony brings a holistic approach to her work as an Amazon best-selling author, award-winning card deck creator, and quantum healer.

Through her transformative programs, VIP days, and group retreats, she has empowered thousands of individuals from Hollywood to Bollywood, helping them transcend limitations, reclaim their power, and find authentic love within themselves so they can step into their purpose and live a fulfilled life.

“I found my greatest breakthrough on the other side of my greatest resistance!” 
                           – Dr. Harmony

My Journey Thus Far...

I AM a twin-flame ascension expert  and I AM on a personal quest to fulfill my own twin-flame mission by sharing my message and spreading a new world order – heaven on earth. 

I hope to enlighten the globe by giving back “The Gift” of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE that I received from my own twin flame, which has fueled my beacon for other twin flames to follow. 

My background is in holistic chiropractic, vibrational medicine and energy healing. For nearly 25 years, I have helped people remove energetic blocks that had kept them stuck in life.  

Combined with my expertise, personal experiences, extensive research and my Divinely-guided messages, I help other twin flames around the world FACE FEARS – FIND FREEDOM & GLOW FORWARD ON FIRE… so they can return home – a place of inner peace and happiness!

Over and eighteen month period, I moved from a house I had lived in for seventeen years, sold 95% of everything I owned, ended a relationship and we sold a business that we jointly owned.

This was followed by a notice that the landlord of my chiropractic office would not be renewing my lease. I not only downsized my life, but I was Divinely shifted in order to align with my souls “Ultimate Calling.”

I FACED MY FEARS in search of PERSONAL FREEDOM… but it didn’t stop there! 

Officially bankrupt in every area of my life, I raced to the finish line to implement what I thought was my soul’s purpose only to be diagnosed with uterine cancer. 

It took the mirror image of my twin flame to teach me how to survive my shift and then develop a ‘Reboot Your Twin-Soul Blueprint’ that facilitates soul transformation by building a bridge from the “dark night of the soul” through the Ascension process, and connecting to one’s higher self. 

As a spiritual advisor, transformational coach and remote-energy healer, I help twin flames around the globe release their past, raise their vibration, reclaim their life, so they can experience the ultimate relationship of oneness with self and reunite with their twin flame.

Sharing the Shine,


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