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Other Soul Relationships

Twin Flame Facilitators 

Twin-flame facilitators present themselves to facilitate forward motion during your twin-flame journey in a variety of ways. First and foremost, they assist in your personal development by temporarily filling the role as your twin flame, including acting as a mirror for you to reflect the things that you need to continue to work on yourself. They usually show up when you are ready to move forward but your twin flame is not present at the time. They can assist you with the process of Ascension. They can also appear during the time you are working on your karmic purge. They can even help the more-evolved twin advance by keeping the mission moving forward. They assist keeping the higher self evolved, where a false twin helps to clear the lower self.

A twin-flame facilitator also has their own true twin flame, with whom they have not yet united. They are also not a part of your soul group or soul family. You meet them because you are both operating and vibrate on the same energetic plane. This is different than vibrating at the same soul frequency, which only you and your true twin flame can do. In this case, based on multiple factors, the two of you end up spiritually connecting on the same energetic channel. This connection is also Divinely orchestrated and operates from the higher selves and higher planes. It is like being two wandering Jews coming together, so that you help each other during a time when it is needed to keep each of your individual twin-flame journeys moving forward.


“You and I, were embers from the same fire, dust from the same star, echos of the same love!” 
                           – Creig Crippen
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False Twin Flames

False twin flames closely mimic a true twin flame. However, they will generally come through quickly, and will blindside you like a freight train. They can turn your entire life upside down. Needless to say, it is a very intense experience. Generally, they keep moving and leave a trail of dust behind them. They don’t stay in your life for a long period physically, but they can leave a lasting effect on your soul and leave you in despair after the encounter is long gone. The purpose of this connection is to clear any remaining, stubborn deep-rooted karmic debris. It is most often associated with breaking down ego. This extreme intensity is typical because the goal is to quickly hit the root of the problem so that toxic debris can be cleared faster. Typically, this happens in preparation for the true twin-flame union.

Most often, a false twin flame appears after real twin flames have come into physical contact and you both are aware of it. This also happens most often to the twin flame that is in the so-called “runner phase.” It almost always includes a very deep, intense physical romantic connection, which is necessary in order to assist in clearing the remainder of ego. Typically, ego is what causes the disconnection between you and your true twin flame, so it becomes necessary to break down this need for chemical attraction before one can then connect on the deeper levels.


Soulmate Relationships

According to ancient wisdom, after each soul splits into two twin souls, they then join their own individual soul groups which consist of their soulmates. Each twin soul has their own soul and their own group; they do not share the exact same soul. It is in our soul group where we spend all eternity — until it’s time to reunite with our other half. Each time an individual twin soul incarnates, it returns to this same soul family within this same group or Monad, which is known as the – I AM presence. This group is made up of 144 souls; this comes from multiplying 12 over souls (a direct conscious connections to the Creator) X 12 branches or groupings – representing the 12 tribes of Israel. We read about this in Mathew 19:28 (NIV) – Jesus said to them, “Truly I tell you, at the renewal of all things, when the Son of Man sits on his glorious throne, you who have followed me will also sit on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel.

We connect with our soulmates on a very deep level and within multiple dimensions. This is because we spend many lifetimes together in this same family of 144 souls. The family consists of the same twelve facets or tribe — each are part of the colors rays from which we spark. Not all 144 souls in our soul group are incarnated at the same time. The purpose of these deep connections are to create deep bonds so that each twin soul can use their soulmates to help prepare to connect with their twin flame and release deep karma. Soulmates tend to experience many life cycles that will help each twin soul grow, clear karma and evolve. You can usually recognize a soulmate quickly since you have shared many lifetimes together. Soulmates can also be of various types of relationships – romantic, spouse, siblings, parent-child and even best friends. Similar to twin flames, soulmate connections tend to be lifelong connections.

Karmic Relationships

Karmic relationships are similar in nature to those of soulmates. However, they appear when it is time to clear karmic debris, rather than identifying karmic patterns that soulmates teach us. Also, the clearing process is quicker than and not as deep as that with soulmates. They are shorter-term relationships. Your karmic relationships are not in your life for long periods of time and you do not experience that lifelong connection.

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