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Are you FINALLY ready to Unlock the Connection with Yourself
so you can find lasting harmony with a twin flame?

Be the first to know when our signature program, IGNITE YOUR INNER FLAME 
opens its doors by signing up below.

With this program, you will gain private, group healing and online coaching strategies Dr. Harmony & Reis uses to unlock your highest potential and connect with your true self so you can attract your highest match! Take the opportunity to tap into these valuable insights and elevate your twin-flame journey to new heights.

Yes, I want first ACCESS!

NOTE: Want to get ahead of the line and take advantage of Day 1 FAST ACTION BONUS (when we open up enrollment)?
Click below ⬇️to schedule your enrollment call before spots run out!

Sign Up Early and Receive Beta Launch Pricing!
(only 5 Beta SPOTS available)


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Ignite Your Inner Flame helps to STOP working so hard and uncover your authentic self by showing you how to cultivate inner harmony so you can magnetically pull your twin flame to YOU!  

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This 3-Month Program Includes:

Private Coaching with Reis

'ReBoot Your Soul'

12-Weekly Sessions

(value: $2499)

Group Healing & Coaching With Dr. Harmony

'Accelerate Your Ascension'

Three Month Mentorship 

(value $299)

Online Courses

ReBoot Your Soul & Reprogram Your Childhood Wounds

On Demand Courses

(value $329)

In this Program You Will Work Privately with Reis and Learn...

  • 12 empowering private sessions with Reis, this program will help you FINALLY break free from old patterns and beliefs that hinder your success.

  • Self-love tools to help you accept all aspects of yourself so you can fully express who you are

  • How to let down your walls of protection and open your heart to receive

  • Discover your core values, desires, and needs

  • Collect your soul fragments and reclaim your POWER so you can confidently move forward

  • Get clear on who you are and what you want in a partner

  • Set intentions that will raise your vibration to align with your perfect match 

  • How to trust the process and live a life of love, inner peace, and harmony daily


  • (value $299) 3 Months 'Accelerate Your Ascension' Mentorship with Dr. Harmony 

  • This mentorship program will help you reclaim your aspects and find wholeness within so you can become your authentic self.

  • LIVE Access to Dr. Harmony in Bi-Monthly ZOOM Mentorship for coaching and healing gatherings. CAN'T ATTEND? NO PROBLEM You Will Have On-Demand Access!

  • You will receive access to a new coaching course each month and get your questions answered during the LIVE Bi-Monthly Coaching Calls. Each course consists of different themes to heal core wounds and align with your true self so you can attract abundance. May include guided meditations and healing transmissions!

  • YOU DON"T HAVE TO NAVIGATE THIS JOURNEY ALONE! Receive access to Dr. Harmony and stay up to date with her most real-time thoughts, lessons, and breakthroughs. Includes private FB community keeping you connected with others on a similar path to yourself!

  • (value $222) The ReBoot Your Soul Online Course helps you to release your past, raise your vibration, and reclaim your power. 

  • (value $97) The Reprogram Your Childhood Wounds Online Course helps you discover why you chose your parents, re-right your birthing process, identify and heal childhood wounds, also forgive others as well as yourself. Reprogram unconscious relationship patterns to attract empowering people, brining your perfect partner to you.


NOTE: Taking advantage of this FAST ACTION BONUS secures your spot in this Beta Launch Program! (only 5 SPOTS available)
Click below ⬇️to sign up, and you will receive an email within 24-48 hours with all the details to get started

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What If You Could...

  • Learn how to stop working so hard and STILL receive the love you desire and deserve

  • ​Gain confidence and communicate your needs to FULLY express yourself

  • Get vulnerable and allow yourself to be seen on a deeper level

  • Be in your authentic POWER (with a presence that brings to you what you want)

  • ​You can experience less isolation and more community by connecting with like-hearted souls who share the same journey and mission

  • ​Go from stuck and unseen to truly seen, heard, and accepted for who you are

Still Not Sure?

Join this coaching program to heal your emotions, trust your path, and live your purpose.

Discover Deeper Ways to Heal, Be Your Authentic Self & Align Your Vibration to Attract Your Highest Match…

Focus on your personal growth, self-improvement, and aligning your energy with positivity and love in general, rather than solely fixating on a specific connection.


The most important aspect is cultivating a fulfilling and healthy relationship with yourself and then those around you.

About Your Mentors:


Dr. Harmony is a transformative force, dedicated to guiding twin flames on their journey towards healing and union. Her expertise in quantum healing and transformational teaching helps individuals overcome separation wounds and find unity within themselves, aligning with their Divine partners.

Dr. Harmony also supports lightworkers in turning their passions into profitable coaching businesses, empowering them to scale their income to six figures and beyond while staying true to their spiritual calling.


As the founder of The Soul Writer's Academy, she assists aspiring authors in finding their voice, writing their books, and sharing their stories, ultimately helping them achieve their dreams of becoming published authors.

With a background in chiropractic and vibrational medicine and a doctorate in divinity, Dr. Harmony brings a holistic approach to her work as an Amazon best-selling author, award-winning card deck creator, and quantum healer.

Through her transformative programs, VIP days, and group retreats, she has empowered thousands of individuals from Hollywood to Bollywood, helping them transcend limitations, reclaim their power, and find authentic love within themselves so they can step into their purpose and live a fulfilled life.

Meet Reis (pronounced Rays). Her specialty is empowering Enlighted souls. She has been on an enlightenment journey for over 25-years, and is a Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic therapist, and Twin Flame empowerment facilitator.


It was 16 years ago when she first realized her calling was teaching. Her path of self-discovery also led her to her Twin Flame, Jonothan. They found each other and worked through healing past traumas and pains, helping them harness personal power.

Reis understands the painful twin-flame journey. Her and her twin flame have found personal power and they are ready to assist other twin flames in aligning with a sacred reunion. Their deep journey offers a message of HOPE to others.


Reis apprenticed under Dr. Harmony in her Lightworker Academy and received a ReBoot Your Soul Coaching™ certification. Now, she is stepping into her purpose fully.

She is here to help you take the next step on your journey.


Are you ready?

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Let's Get "Soul" cial

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