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Twin Flame Ascension Oracle Card Deck

The Twin Flame Ascension Oracle Card Deck prepares you to connect with your twin flame and align with your life purpose through an 11-step self-actualization process. Twin flame ascension begins when your inner soul-self becomes activated through a spiritual awakening. The Take Me Home Pathway spreadsheet consists of 11-steps in the twin flame ascension journey. The imagery and energy of the deck guides you through the rebirthing process that allows a shift in perception, new insight, and more fulfillment in all areas of life. Set includes 55-card deck, 108-page guidebook and custom spread sheet.

Twin Flame Code Breaker

These 11:11 KEY CODES will help you Create the Ultimate Relationship You Have Always Wanted:
  • Are You in a TRUE TWIN FLAME Relationship?

  • What is Causing “THE RUNNER PHASE?”

  • Which Stage of ASCENSION Are You In?

  • WHAT STAGE is Your Twin-Flame Relationship In?

  • Why ASSISTANCE From Your Twin Flame is Mandatory

  • You Must Experience THE KARMIC PURGE

  • The Importance of FORGIVENESS

  • The # 1 REASON WHY Twin Flames Do Not Reunite

  • Understand Why You Must RAISE YOUR VIBRATION

  • SELF-LOVE is “Key” to Achieving the Ultimate Relationship

  • RELEASE Karmic Patterns including - Soul Paralyzing Fears

  • RECEIVE ACTION Steps to Remove Energetic Blocks

  • And Much… Much… MORE!!!

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Let's Get "Soul" cial

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