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Unleash Your Manifesting Potential 
& Attract Your Twin Flame

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What if you could attract your PERFECT twin flame by stopping the inner-work and allowing them to come to you? 

Dr. Harmony & Reis helps you connect with your true self
to attract your highest match!

Join this life-changing journey and tap into valuable insights, elevating your twin-flame journey to new heights.

Unlock Your True Potential & Unleash the Power of Attraction... Your PERFECT Twin Flame Awaits!

Yes... I am Ready to Stop Working So Hard

& Start Doing The PERFECT Inner Work!

Join The 5-Day Challenge So You Can Connect to Your Authentic Self & Attract Your Ideal Twin Flame!

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Does your twin flame journey have you stuck in separation?

Most likely you feel lost and left longing for someone and now you longer have hope for a reunion!

I am sure that someone has told you that you have to do the inner-work before you can be with your twin flame…


How much more does a person have to do to receive the love that they deserve!

I, Reis, understand how hard it is to cope with intense emotions and the challenges you must face while doing the inner-work required to be with your twin flame.

Trust me when I say…


I’ve now been married to my twin flame for eleven years and the adversity that we have both been through on our self-discovery journeys transformed us to become the individuals that we needed to be to be united as one.

It has taken a great deal of commitment, patience and trust.

But the PERFECT inner-work was required for us to learn how to dance in harmony together.


Dr. Harmony & I have joined forces to teach YOU how to find vibrational alignment so you can attract your highest match! 

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Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and manifest the deep, authentic love you've always desired?


Our PERFECT Inner-Work 5-Day Challenge is designed to help you transform your life from within and attract your perfect twin flame.


Through powerful inner-work practices and guidance, you'll align your energy, release emotional blockages, and create the magnetic pull for the harmonious relationship you've been yearning for.

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Anchor 1



Self-Love is Getting Vulnerable & Accepting All of Yourself


Opposition Creates Awareness Emotional Blocks



Identify Your

Perfect Match


A Vibrational Match with Your

Perfect Partner


Divine Timing

For Reunion

Day One: Embracing Authenticity & Fully Expressing Yourself! 

  • Giving Yourself Permission for a Fresh Start

  • What Story Do You Want to Live?

  • How to Confidently KNOW Who Your Twin Flame Is!

  • Allowing Yourself to Get Vulnerable and Fully Express Your Authenticity

  • Removing the Façade and Accepting ALL of Yourself

Day Two: Opposition Causes Emotional Block Identification, Clearing and Acceptance

  • Why are you experiencing opposition?

  • What are you not seeing or feeling that needs healed l?

  • Integrating those polarities is Accepting ALL of YOURSELF! 

  • What are some recurring emotional patterns or triggers in your life?

  • Are any specific situations, memories, or relationships consistently evoking strong emotional responses?

  • How do you typically react or respond when these emotional triggers arise?

  • Are there any unresolved emotional wounds or traumas from the past that still affect you in the present?

Day Three: Setting Clear Intentions & Manifesting Your Twin Flame through…

  • Creating new perspectives, beliefs, and truths that support your highest version

  • SETTING clear intentions (from a whole and complete version of yourself)

  • How to be open to receiving what you desire in your twin-flame relationship! (and how to get out of the way so you can attract it without having to work so effing hard}!

  • How to effectively communicate your needs

  • Staying rooted in your values and desires (without settling for less than what you deserve)

Day Four: Inner Work For Vibrational Alignment & Attracting Your Twin Flame through…

  • Letting Go Of Attachments

  • Your beliefs and your desires in a twin flame have to energetically match

  • Getting clear on your desires in your PERFECT Twin Flame (from a whole and complete version of yourself)

  • The importance of Losing the Label, to KNOW who YOUR True Twin Flame is

  • Insider experience with TRUE Twin Flame Synergy

  • How to know if this is YOUR ONE TRUE FLAME!

  • HOW to Align Your Vibration to Match Your Perfect Twin Flame! (without having to spend any more time struggling to attract what you desire).

Day Five: Clarity is Key…
Stand For Peace, GLOW Forward Trusting The Process & Divine Timing For A Reunion

  • Let go of attachment to specific outcomes or timelines.

  • Trust that the universe will bring the connection when the time is right and be open to unexpected possibilities.

  • Cultivate patience and present-moment awareness.

  • Remind yourself to stay focused on the present moment rather than constantly yearning for a future reunion.

  • Find joy and fulfillment in the present and trust that the reunion will manifest at the perfect time.

  • Create a trust mantra or peace prayer.

Get Ready to Ignite Your Twin Flame Destiny... 

 Join Us for a 5-Day Transformational Journey Empowering YOU through the PERFECT Inner Work!

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Yes... I am Ready to Stop Working So Hard

& Start Doing The PERFECT Inner Work!

Join The 5-Day Challenge So You Can Connect to Your Authentic Self & Attract Your Ideal Twin Flame!

Unlock Your True Potential & Unleash the Power of Attraction... Your PERFECT Twin Flame Awaits!

Discover Deeper Ways to Heal, Express and Accept ALL of Your Authentic Self...

The experts say, "Keep doing the inner work"

and "Then you will come into union," right?

SURE…“relationships are work”

BUT…"how to break the effing cycle?"

About Your Facilitators:


Dr. Harmony is a transformative force, dedicated to guiding twin flames on their journey towards healing and union. Her expertise in quantum healing and transformational teaching helps individuals overcome separation wounds and find unity within themselves, aligning with their Divine partners.

Dr. Harmony also supports lightworkers in turning their passions into profitable coaching businesses, empowering them to scale their income to six figures and beyond while staying true to their spiritual calling.


As the founder of The Soul Writer's Academy, she assists aspiring authors in finding their voice, writing their books, and sharing their stories, ultimately helping them achieve their dreams of becoming published authors.

With a background in chiropractic and vibrational medicine and a doctorate in divinity, Dr. Harmony brings a holistic approach to her work as an Amazon best-selling author, award-winning card deck creator, and quantum healer.

Through her transformative programs, VIP days, and group retreats, she has empowered thousands of individuals from Hollywood to Bollywood, helping them transcend limitations, reclaim their power, and find authentic love within themselves so they can step into their purpose and live a fulfilled life.

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Meet Reis (pronounced Rays). Her specialty is empowering Enlighted souls. She has been on an enlightenment journey for over 25-years, and is a Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic therapist, and Twin Flame empowerment facilitator.


It was 16 years ago when she first realized her calling was teaching. Her path of self-discovery also led her to her Twin Flame, Jonothan. They found each other and worked through healing past traumas and pains, helping them harness personal power.

Reis understands the painful twin-flame journey. Her and her twin flame have found personal power and they are ready to assist other twin flames in aligning with a sacred reunion. Their deep journey offers a message of HOPE to others.


Reis apprenticed under Dr. Harmony in her Lightworker Academy and received a ReBoot Your Soul Coaching™ certification. Now, she is stepping into her purpose fully.

She is here to help you take the next step on your journey.


Are you ready?

Yes... I am Ready to Stop Working So Hard

& Start Doing The PERFECT Inner Work!

Join The 5-Day Challenge to Attract Your Ideal Twin Flame!

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Let's Get "Soul" cial

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