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Join My Soul Writers' Academy to Follow Your Writing Flow
through Coaching, Community & Collaboration!


Find Your Voice, Write Your Book and Share Your Story

Will this Be the Year You Finally Write Your Book?

The world is waiting to read your story!

Do you long to write a book but are unsure how to construct your message and adequately position your story so your perfect reader finds it?


Perhaps you have been procrastinating because you have escaped the pain you experienced, yet it is necessary to see, feel, and share your story before you can finally heal.


Writing your book will transform you and leave you feeling liberated!  


You may feel stuck and overwhelmed trying to figure out how to start writing, and I understand what it is like to have had a soul calling locked away inside. 


I knew I had a soul assignment to birth a book for years. I didn't know how to express myself, much less craft the words hidden deep within my being. 


However, once I got clear on my audience, nailed my niche, and correctly constructed my message; it positioned my book so that the right people needing what I had to offer showed up at the perfect time.


I was astonished when I was preparing a proposal for my publisher that my self-published book had sold well over 60,000 copies.


In reality, the typical self-published book sold on Amazon historically only sells an average of 500 books.


Not to mention, I have received an estimated $500,000 in coaching services directly linked to my readers over the last six years.   


So to answer the question, is it important to learn tips, tools, and techniques to position your book perfectly? 


Heck Yeah!


Part of my purpose is to empower new authors like yourself to overcome the intimidating blocks and get clear on their message so they can stay in the creative flow.

I invite you to join my Soul Writers' Academy so you can stop procrastinating and start writing! 

Ready to Inspire & Impact Your Readers?

Find Your Voice

In this group mastermind, you will experience hands-on learning, one-on-one attention, and strategies to get clear on your audience, nail your niche, and craft your message to start sharing your story with the world. You will transform while you write and heal past wounds as you turn your story into a teaching tool to inspire and impact others.

Write Your Book

Receive assistance sharpening, refining, and organizing your idea, help with soul mapping your message, and develop a foundation to write your book with a solid theme and purpose statement bringing 

structure to your creative process to write confidently. In addition to learning how to write from your heart, you will learn the technical side of writing.

Share Your Story

Gain Clarity to turn your concept into a concrete blueprint helping you craft your message and build a bridge outlining your story arc and merging it with the primary point of your book and chapters. Learn techniques to improve your manuscript and increase its marketability through context, consistency, and transitions. Now you will be ready to confidently take your writing to the next level and finally finish your book!

Here is What We Will Cover

Topics and Trainings Include:

Target Your Audience

Nail Your Niche

Craft Your Message

Working Title and Subtitles

Book Cover Concept

Manuscript Formatting Strategy

Writing Schedule with Realistic Deadlines

Book Synopsis

Primary Points and Purpose of Your Book

Primary and Secondary Points of Chapters

Table of Content

Chapter Titles

Chapter Subtitles

Chapter Summary’s

Chapter Outlines

Creative Writing

Technical Writing Skills: Content, Developmental, Line Item Edits

Private FB Mastermind Group to Ask Questions and Share Your Assignments with the Group.

One 1-Hour Session with Dr. Harmony ($497 value)

The goal is for you to complete the fundamentals for one chapter that will provide you with the foundation you need to take your writing to the next level and bring your manuscript into form. Keep in mind what you put into this is what you get out of it.

Dr. Harmony offers upgraded services helping you refine the concept and construct the message, along with developmental, content and line item edits. If interested in these additional services , you can contact her for more information.

A unique opportunity for one participant (on a first-come, first-serve basis) to submit their work to her throughout our time together. This package includes assistance with refining the concept and constructing the message, along with three rounds of developmental, content and line item edits for one chapter (5000 words or less). In addition, we will use your project as a learning opportunity for everyone.

Are you ready to stop procrastinating and start writing?

Whether you are not sure where to start, have some ideas, or are ready to take your writing skills to the next level, this unique opportunity will assist you with finding your voice, sharing your message from the heart, and start writing so you can share your story with the world!

This 15-week program will have a minimum of four participants and capped at ten: DATES COMING SOON!

If you are interested in being notified of start date, email

Everyone will receive an opportunity to work with me and get assistance with their project during our weekly LIVE Zoom calls. Each call is a 2-hour session.

***Seating is limited, so make sure to secure your space early. Payments are nonrefundable***


The Believer Opportunity:

Includes everything listed above.

NOTE: Upgraded Services Available Upon Request. Investment depends on the level of involvement to review your concept, content and chapter while editing, and offering thoughts, suggestions, and feedback @ $47 per 300-page word count/round. Additional 1-on-1 session’s available @ $497/hour. Feel free to reach out at any stage for 1-on-1 assistance.

Option 1: Paid in Full $1,697

  • Bonus: 2-Hour Soul Mapping  Session ($1197 Value)​

Option 2: 3-Monthly Installments of $547

The Achiever Opportunity:

A unique opportunity for one participant (on a first-come, first-serve basis) Includes everything above, plus submit your work to me throughout the program and I offer assistance with refining the concept and constructing the message, along with three rounds of developmental, content and line item edits for one chapter (5000 words or less). In addition, we will use your project as a learning opportunity for everyone.

Option 1: Paid in Full $2,997

  • Bonus: 2-Hour Soul Mapping Session ($1197 Value)​

Option 2: 3-Monthly Installments of $999

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Facilitated by Dr. Harmony

Dr. Harmony is an Amazon best-selling author and award-winning card deck creator. She is currently writing a book to be published with one of the world's leading publishers for mind, body, spirit books. Her mission is to help others find their inner voice and write their book so they can share their story.


She will assist you in discovering, designing, and delivering your internal message while using Divine guidance to craft your manuscript. Whether you have a concrete plan or only have a spark of an idea and are unsure where to start, her wisdom and Divine creativity will direct you from conception to construction.


She guides lightworkers like yourself; answer their calling to write and publish their book. From start to finish, Dr. Harmony will help you fulfill your ultimate purpose to Get Published NOW!


Authentic Review

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