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Twin Flame Code Breaker- (Spanish Edition Available)

The HOTTEST Relationship Book of the Century!

Kindle eBook and Spanish Edition Available 

Some Love Stories Change the World...
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Ready to GAIN CONSCIOUS CLARITY & Experience the Ultimate Relationship?
These 11:11 KEY CODES will help you Create the Ultimate Relationship You Have Always Wanted:
  • Are You in a TRUE TWIN FLAME Relationship?

  • What is Causing “THE RUNNER PHASE?”

  • Which Stage of ASCENSION Are You In?

  • WHAT STAGE is Your Twin-Flame Relationship In?

  • Why ASSISTANCE From Your Twin Flame is Mandatory

  • You Must Experience THE KARMIC PURGE

  • The Importance of FORGIVENESS

  • The # 1 REASON WHY Twin Flames Do Not Reunite

  • Understand Why You Must RAISE YOUR VIBRATION

  • SELF-LOVE is “Key” to Achieving the Ultimate Relationship

  • RELEASE Karmic Patterns including - Soul Paralyzing Fears

  • RECEIVE ACTION Steps to Remove Energetic Blocks

  • And Much… Much… MORE!!!

A “twin flame” refers to a twin soul that is seeking self-transformation along its personal path. This self-transformation—the understanding of “Key” life lessons—is essential to the joint mission of twin souls, for the twin flames are bound together in an agreement to help mature each other’s karmic evolution.

In Twin Flame Code Breaker, Dr. Harmony guides you in preparing for the arrival of your twin flame. Specifically, she guides you through the crucial work that you must do to first achieve a higher self-love that will unite you with the Creator. Your self-love will then send out vibrations that will bring your twin flame to you.

She also sheds light on the common difficulties of the twin-flame reunion, for this journey is not a simple one. The purification of the karmic past can be intense and even frightening. Yet when the barriers are cleared, it is then that the twin flames can unite completely and make their way to true happiness.

Giving you the tools to enlighten yourself as well as a way to harmonize with your twin soul, Twin Flame Code Breaker is essential for understanding this sacred relationship.

Radiant Reviews 


“An enriching read that uplifts the spirit and guides the soul. As we evolve as a planet, we are not only becoming aware spiritually but our language and understanding is changing as well. Dr. Harmony takes you by the hand and heart and leads you through this new journey. She shares her personal accounts with humor and love. Readers will be enlightened and have a new found understanding of twin flames, spiritual contracts, and how they pertain to relationships.”

- Kathryn Parker, Intuitive Energy Healer


"This author's generous and courageous spirit shines through. As she herself states, take what you want out of her book and leave the rest - but what you will take will be certain to inspire, comfort and encourage."

- Aileen Cho, Editor


“Like no book I have ever read before! Thought-provoking, spiritual and honest. You will never think of your one true love the same way again.”

- Rita Weber, LMT

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