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The Self-Love Makeover

Learn How Embodying Self-Love Can Create A Happier, Healthier And More Positive Life

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In “The Self-Love Makeover” you are going to learn the amazing benefits of putting yourself first. You will become intimately aware of the power of self-love to fully accept yourself and live an amazing life.


With the “Self-Love” program, we will uncover…


  • How your self-worth ties into your ability to love yourself

  • Writing prompts to help you become more self-aware and connect with your true heart’s desires

  • Affirmations to assist you with retraining limiting thoughts 

  • How to embody self-respect, create self-esteem by committing to a journey of personal growth


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During This 10-Day Self Love Makeover Challenge

Learn tips, tools & techniques to help you develop more...

Self-Worth • Self-Aware • Self-Care • Self-Respect • Self-Esteem • Self-Growth

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