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It’s Time to Live In Authentic Abundance!

Are you a heart-led soul that has put in the inner work but still feel like something is blocking your most significant potential preventing you from going to your next level and living the life you desire and deserve?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck, burnt out, overwhelmed, and unclear about your next step. Then this LIVE immersive will help you gain clarity and realign with your soul’s truth so you can awaken to your authentic calling.

Together, we will clear, correct, and collect your energy as we neutralize energetic blockages, dissolve subconscious programming, and express suppressed emotions helping you align with your authentic self to tap into abundance in all areas of your life!

During this 4-hour LIVE Immersive, you will reclaim your power and realign with your authentic truth, so you can take intentional action to materialize your dreams into reality.

You will receive tools, tips, and resources to help you retrain your brain, recalibrate your vibration, release your story, re-program your patterns, raise your vision, and retrieve your soul. Collecting your fragments will help you gain wholeness and assist you in finding peace in your journey.

You will also experience an energetic transmission to clear your energetic blocks and bring balance to your body, breath & being.

I cannot wait to see YOU there!

Discover Deeper Ways to Heal, How to Align with Authentic Abundance & Be Your Authentic Self…

This 'Authentic Abundance Accelerator' Virtual Immersive will Assist you to Surpass Your Suffering, Heal Your Wounds, Transform Your Trauma and Awaken Your Authentic Truth so You Can Live an Authentic Life of Empowerment and Abundance.


About Your Facilitator:

Dr. Harmony is a quantum healer, transformational teacher, alchemist of abundance, and freedom-preneur creating universal heart oneness. She has a 25-years chiropractic and vibrational medicine background and holds a doctorate in divinity. 


Dr. Harmony is the creator of many programs, VIP days, and group retreats that have helped 1000s from Hollywood to Bollywood transcend limitations, take back their power, find real love within, and step into their purpose.


Her mission is to help others awaken their soul blueprint, vibrate at their highest frequency and align with their quantum field to design a life, love, and livelihood of leisure and luxury. 


Through divine guidance, this immersive will assist you in de-armoring your body, mind, heart, and soul so you can rise above your limitations and align with abundance.

You have raised your frequency, but not everything in your reality is matching your vibration?

If you are ready to set yourself, free and live your authentic truth so you can align with abundance in all areas of your life…

Then Join me for this Half-Day LIVE IMMERSIVE

In our world, living an authentic life might seem challenging. Feeling judged can restrict your energy that suppresses your ability to express who you are. Living a transparent life and experiencing vulnerability is frightening to expose our shadows, but once we love the aspects that we have separated from it sets us free and gives us permission to be who we are because we are no longer judging ourselves.

A self-love journey will take you deeper into the facets you have yet to integrate.

- Bren'e Brown

"Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of whom we think we're supposed to be and embracing who we are. "



Who You Are


With Your Highest Vibration


Your Authentic Truth


Your Quantum Version



In this half-day immersive here are just a few of the things you will experience:

  • Build a community of like-hearted souls seeking to take their life to the next level.

  • Group energy transmissions, activations, guided meditations and exercises to implement that produces life-changing breaththroughs.

  • Understand why you are repeating the loops and how to break free from them once and for all.

  • Learn new strategies and techniques you can immediately start implementing to improve self-sabotage that is blocking you from integrating with habits of success.

  • Unlock your supra consciousness, your "soul's blueprint," helping you align with your life plan.

  • Harness your superpowers to banish procrastination and increase your creative abilities to enhance your productivity.

  • Discover how to eliminate the mental and emotional obstacles that are holding you back to finally get rid of the "stuck" feeling finally!

  • Release suppressed emotions trapped inside of yourself so you can freely express your desires with confidence.

  • Reprogram your inner critic patterns that are diminishing your dreams and limiting your ability to take action, so you can shift forward towards experiencing true happiness now!

  • Be amazed by the person you desire to become so that you can get on board with the plan of your future self.

  • Balance your logical brain with your inner voice that has caused resistance and prolonging the ability to live your dreams now rather than "someday."

  • Ways to turn your frustration into fuel for creation and become open to receive abundance successfully.

  • And much, much more...

If you’re ready to tap into your power and step into the next chapter of who you are becoming then you’ll want to secure your sacred space...


 Join me LIVE on ZOOM Sunday, July 10th for my Authentic Abundance Accelerator so You can Tap Into Your Power, Purpose, Passion, Prosperity & Partnership.

It’s Time to Live In Your Authentic Truth!

Yes... I am Ready to Reclaim My Power &
Live In Authentic Abundance!

Join Me for this Half-Day LIVE Immersive

on Sunday, July 10 th at:

10 am PST; 11 am MST; 12 pm CST; 1 pm EST; 6 pm UTC (LONDON)

3 am Monday GMT+11(Sydney Australia)

NOTE: Bonuses and Zoom details will be emailed to you approx. 48-hours after your enrollment. Please make sure to check your spam folder if not received by then you can contact:


'Authentic Abundance Accelerator' LIVE Immersive

Have you been feeling stuck with fears? Let me teach you how to align with your authentic truth & own your power!


In just 4-hours, discover ways to heal your wounds with love, transform your trauma, rise above your limitations and experience the life you desire NOW!


Here is what your immersive includes - Plus FREE Bonuses: 

  • 4-Hour LIVE Immersive

  • On-Demand Version – Recorded Session

  • BONUS 1: $100 OFF a 1-on-1 Quantum Realignment Session with Dr. Harmony

  • BONUS 2: ‘Reprogram Your Childhood Wounds’ Online Course ($297 value)