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3 Strategies to Let Go of Your Twin Flame and Move Forward

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

While your twin flame may feel like the most difficult person for you to let go of, they are really just your mirrored reflection and teaching you to let go of painful fragments of yourself. Your twin flame came into your life to trigger your wounds so you can find forgiveness for, not only your twin flame, but the painful experiences you have caused yourself, reflecting your ability to forgive yourself.

Your twin flame is teaching you to let go of abandonment, regret, shame, and guilt that prevents you from letting go of your story. When you run from the lessons caused by their reflections, it blocks you from moving forward. It is easy to get caught up in a downward spiral and obsessively dwell on the pain, rather than the gift your twin flame is giving you.

By refusing to let go and forgive your twin flame is holding onto regrets that keeps you trapped in the past.

The good news is that I have been there and I want to share some simple strategies that have helped me come to terms with accepting my twin-flame journey. My mission is that you can learn from my missteps so that you too can embrace a future that includes more empowerment that will assist you with experiencing a true sacred union NOW!

Try these strategies to help you let go of your twin flame and learn to forgive yourself, which will free you to move forward:

1. Be truthful with yourself and take responsibility for your part in your twin-flame journey. Stay open to reflecting on the repeated wounds that your twin flame has triggered within you so that you can see what you need to work on within yourself, making it easier to move forward. Clearly identify the patterns that continue to repeat and your reactions to the triggers. Pay close attention to what you did or did not do, in regards to your responses, and own your part in each interaction between you and your twin flame, instead of blaming them and trying to justify your actions.

· Being honest with yourself and taking accountability for your wrongs is the first step to releasing the pain, guilt, and shame that you feel towards yourself, which will help you find the innocence in the situation and accept your twin flame. 
· Review the patterns that keep repeating with your twin flame, taking note of the circumstances that led you down the path of blame and sabotage. Be honest about how you felt in those painful moments, allowing yourself to experience the pain rather than run from it. When you surrender to these emotions, it will bring inner peace helping you find love for yourself. 
· Consider how your actions affected your twin flame in both a physical and emotional sense.
· If possible, talk to your twin flame about your contribution to these painful experiences, even if only with their higher self. Let them know that you own your part in the situation and take full responsibility of your mistakes. Speaking your truth sets the example for them, rather than focusing on their faults and telling them what they did or did not do to you. If you will approach the conversation with love, most likely they will see your side of the situation with more clarity that will help you both learn to communicate in a more loving way. 

2. Try to resolve the situation and make your amends. Consider what you could have done differently to prevent the mishap, and develop a plan to act differently if you face a similar situation in the future. This can help you forgive yourself.

· Even if it has been quite some time since a conflicting situation has occurred, if it resulted in silence and has caused distance with your twin flame, consider apologizing and asking for forgiveness. This action alone can be very healing for both of you. Remember that you both have suffered lifetimes of separation, so choose to release harbored feelings of guilt, shame, doubt, and rejection going forward. Set your intention to make peace with the past that will provide peace for your future, regardless of the outcome.
· If you’re unable to make amends with your twin flame, consider changing your reactions to future triggers and re-pattern your responses by implementing acts of kindness. Treat your twin flame the way you want to be treated, regardless of what they do or don’t do. This will send out a signal to the universe at the same level of energy that you desire to receive in return, and you are taking ownership for your actions that will heal your wounds, bringing more love that you desire into your life.
· If your previous decisions resulted in separation and silence with your twin flame, seek to forgive yourself and choose to create new patterns of action going forward.
· Put your pain into a purpose and share your story with others so that they might be able to avoid the pitfalls that you have experienced. When you can inspire another with your painful process, it becomes the greatest gift that your twin flame can give you in return. 

3. Realize that you and your twin flame are not the same people that you were when you encountered your painful situations. You are each other’s greatest teachers and you both have personally developed through the painful process that has helped you spiritually evolved. Neither one of you are the same person that created the original confusion. Continue to seek ways to re-frame your thoughts, feelings and emotions and avoid actions that might lead to previous patterns that only cause blame, judgement, and further separation in the future.

Remember that everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes they come with extremely painful consequences. Regardless of how painful it is to let go of your twin flame, you are really letting go of the errors that you both have previously made. Everyone deserves forgiveness, so I invite you to seize the opportunity and repent. When you make amends with your twin flame, it will heal yourself and put your painful past to rest so that you can release your portion of suppressed emotions within your twin-flame dynamic. This will help you let go of harbored resentments towards your twin flame that has contributed to the separation and silence that you continue to experience. 

When you detach from your expectation to outcomes with your twin flame, it does not necessarily mean that the desires are gone; it just means that everything becomes whole, complete and peaceful, your twin-flame journey is no longer distorted.

If you would like to take responsibility and let go of the pain attached to your twin flame; check out my group healing program, where I will teach you how to heal your abandonment, take back your power and experience sacred union NOW!


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