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5 Things to Ask When Experiencing the Death Your Old Self!

That's it. You've had it. Your journey is just not going as well as you'd like. You are tired of the repeated patterns, and you are overwhelmed. Most likely feeling a sense of being traumatized by repeating the same cycles you had broken. It's time for a change, a Fresh Start, if you will. But how do you know where to even begin? Especially if you're still neck-deep in life, you want to escape.

It's simple. You start by asking yourself these five questions so you can let go of the person you used to be:

What Are You Looking For?

Too often, what we think is a change in our life is nothing more than a dressed-up version of the old. But this transmutational journey is creating a new and better understanding of who you embody. Start looking for authentic and actual change to avoid falling into repetitive loops. Start by asking the hard questions: What do you want out of life? How are you not getting this? What would you need to do to attain this? What's one positive change which would place you closer to this dream?

How Many Risks Are You Willing to Take?

The demise of your old ways requires a shedding process that dissolves how you handled your past. Fresh starts will demand a particular commitment from you, which manifests in how much of yourself you're willing to put into your desires. If you're not ready to risk a new way of life or much in the form of change, you're not going to have much success in gently stepping into who you feel yourself becoming.

What is Different About the Life You're Proposing

If you're looking for a new beginning, there has to be something 'new,' or you're not starting over. Resisting change or the fear of repeating old ways of navigating your journey keeps you stuck in old cycles. You are merely continuing what you've been doing all along. Start by doing the thing you haven't done before? Doing so will dismantle the old paradigms.

What Are You Giving Up?

What are you leaving behind? This question doesn't necessarily imply you need to abandon every aspect of your past. A new beginning means something else is ending. Sometimes we're leaving behind only a tiny part of our life.

Are You Truly Ready to Let Go of the Past?

This last question can be challenging because you might not know this answer until you've begun something new. Every fresh start is scary if you are weighed down with a lot of baggage from the past. At the very least, though, it helps to have a positive attitude about letting go and are willing to do the work to make this happen. You may not be able to change your circumstances, but you can change how you experience what you are going through.

These questions will give you some idea of what to expect as you embark on this journey of letting go of the person you have been that got you this far. After all, accepting all aspects of yourself and being prepared to take action truly is half the battle.

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There is nothing more exciting than a fresh start! Think of it, a brand new chance at a New Beginning!

Of course, not everyone is quite so excited by fresh starts, especially when this idea is still new or perhaps one you haven’t exactly set out to choose for yourself. It can feel pretty daunting until you get used to the idea. In fact, sometimes fresh starts can feel quite scary until you turn them around and make them yours.

What is a New Beginning?

✓ Our lives are filled with New Beginnings from the time we were born. Going to school for the first time was a New Beginning. Every time you moved, you’ve experienced a fresh start.

✓ New Beginnings have certain earmarks. The most common? They contain some differences from the status quo. You're stepping out in a way you haven't before or haven’t for a long time.

New Beginnings You Might Face

✓ A new day

✓ First day of school

✓ New love

✓ A life moment

✓ Job change

✓ Change of address

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Change Is Inevitable…

Change is part of life. Change is always happening. But as people, we tend to fear change and many of us go out of our way to avoid it entirely.

Why Do We Fear New Beginnings?

The problem with making changes in your life is that they often feel more like endings... which they are. You can’t start fresh without first letting go of something else.

It makes sense when you think about it. You can’t start a new job without first leaving the last one. You can’t start enrolment at a new school without saying goodbye to the last one.

Embrace Change Rather Than Resist...

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