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The 'Fresh Start Workbook' was created to help tap into the power of change by embracing new beginnings.


No matter who you are, at some point in your life you are going to embark on some sort of new journey or beginning.


You will start a new school year, move to a new city, or start a new job. You will likely do all three of those things, maybe even in quick succession.


How willing and daring you are to embrace these new beginnings could affect your life outcomes. If you are too scared to take a big chance at reinventing your life, you might miss out on some massive opportunities.


This workbook is going to help you embrace new beginnings so you can ensure you get off to the best start possible.


Let’s not waste any more time, when you are ready for your fresh start, let’s get to work!

Fresh Start Workbook

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  • There is nothing more exciting than a fresh start! Think of it, a brand new chance at a New Beginning!

    Of course, not everyone is quite so excited by fresh starts, especially when this idea is still new or perhaps one you haven’t exactly set out to choose for yourself. It can feel pretty daunting until you get used to the idea. In fact, sometimes fresh starts can feel quite scary until you turn them around and make them yours.

    What is a New Beginning?

    • Our lives are filled with New Beginnings from the time we were born. Going to school for the first time was a New Beginning. Every time you moved, you’ve experienced a fresh start.
    • New Beginnings have certain earmarks. The most common? They contain some differences from the status quo. You're stepping out in a way you haven't before or haven’t for a long time.

    New Beginnings You Might Face

    • A new day
    • First day of school
    • New love
    • A life moment
    • Job change
    • Change of address

    Fears That Prevent Us from Embracing New Beginnings

    • The unknown
    • Rejection
    • Disappointment
    • Loneliness
    • Stepping out of our comfort zone
    • Loss of status
    • Success
    • Thoughts of others

    The Power of a New Beginning

    • Reducing Stress
    • Raises Self-Esteem
    • Improves Relationships
    • Addresses Depression and Anxiety
    • You Become a Better Person
    • Your Physical Health Improves
    • You Reach Your Goals More Easily


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