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Rise with Reis
Are YOU Ready to Ignite Your Inner Flame?

Unlock The Connection With Yourself...
so you can find lasting harmony with a twin flame!

30-Min. Twin Flame Reading 

Are you struggling to determine whether the person who has come into your life is your true twin flame?


You're not alone! Reis understands having been married to her twin flame for 12 years. Her mission is to help you shift from hopelessness to hope. Your Twin Flame Reading can provide clarity and understanding as you navigate this unique type of relationship.

Reis offers an in-depth 30-Min that provides clarity and insight. With her gentle guidance, you'll be able to discover the true purpose behind your connection, uncover hidden soul contracts, release past traumas, and reclaim your power so you can build an incredible relationship with yourself - taking away any doubts about your actual twin flame status and provide solutions on how to keep moving forward.


 1-Hour Twin Flame Empowerment Session

Are you feeling stuck in life, your twin flame journey, or both? It's time to unlock your true potential and power with our 1-hour empowerment coaching session! This 60-minute offer of intuitive guidance, energy healing, transformational tips, and angelic facilitation is here to help you become more self-aware and connected.

Reis will assist you in identifying and recognizing aspects of yourself that you may have yet to have the chance to explore or understand. Targeting what has been holding you back from unlocking your inner strength will be an opportunity to uncover how to embrace who you truly are and move forward confidently on your journey.

'Ignite Your Inner Flame' 3-Month Program

I will help you...

Unlock The Connection With Yourself So You Can Find Lasting Harmony with a Twin Flame! 

Are you worried that the current state of your life just isn't aligning with who you are meant to be? The ReBoot Your Twin Soul Blueprint program will help you shift from fear to freedom. With 12 empowering sessions, this program will help you break free from old patterns and beliefs that hinder your success.

Reis understands how difficult it can be to take this first brave step towards inner transformation. Her mission is to offer you support, loving guidance and healing.


Throughout the program, you'll receive intuitive guidance, coaching strategies, and energy-healing techniques designed to reprogram your DNA from negative thoughts and feelings into more positive releases that create space for a higher vibration.

It's time for a change! Are you ready to unlearn old habits, step away from toxic relationships, process challenging experiences, and joyfully redefine their spiritual journey to fully express their divine essence.


In this safe space of love, we will work together, helping you reclaim your personal power while developing inner peace and self-love so that no matter what life throws your way—you've got it covered.

So don't wait any longer - get ready to Unlock The Connection With Yourself so you can find lasting harmony with a twin flame!

Details Provided on Booking Page. 

For A LIMITED Time Save $1000

$1444 (Reg. $2444) PREPAY or 3-PAY Options Available. 

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Namaste, Dear One! My name is Reis, (pronounced like Rays) and I specialize in guiding and empowering Enlighted souls. With over 25 years of self-discovery, I have become a fully qualified Reiki Master Teacher, Angelic therapist, and Twin Flame empowerment facilitator.


It was 16 years ago when I first realized my calling as a teacher. And guess what? This path of self-discovery also led me to my Twin Flame, Jonothan. We found each other after healing our past traumas and pains and harnessing our personal power.


Let me help you find your own inner healing and maybe even your twin flame along the way.


I understand the painful twin flame journey. Now my twin flame and I have found our personal power through healing. We are ready to assist other twin flames in aligning with a sacred reunion. Our journey offers a message of HOPE to others.


I interned under Dr. Harmony in her Lightworker Academy and received her Soul Empowerment Coaching certification. Now, I am stepping into my purpose fully.


I use intuitive tools, and soul insight can help you find your personal power and align with your twin flame relationship. With soul navigation and empowerment gifts, I can guide you toward individual freedom and soul purpose.


I am here to help you take the next step on your journey.


Are you ready to Rise with Reis?

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