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About Tatiana

Tatiana Hassan is an astrologer, visual artist, dancer, teacher choreographer and spiritual guide. She began her artistic journey from a very young age, learning many diverse skills and techniques.


She is the illustrator for Dr. Harmony’s Twin Flame Oracle Card Deck and Spanish translator for Dr. Harmony’s book: Twin Flame Code Breaker.

She offers support for the twin flame Spanish community, providing clarity for twin flames that assist them to heal core wounds, transform their trauma, helping twin flames find empowerment. 

Tatiana holds two Master's degrees, one in languages and the other in dance and has been teaching, performing, and choreographing for over twenty years.


For the past few years, she has tapped within to discover a deep passion for the study of astrology, spiritual pursuits, and has created several healing modalities. She has implemented her spiritual gifts into her art, music, movement medicine, and how it relates to the human psyche.


Tatiana is a native of Colombia and her work has taken her to Argentina, France, the United States, and now Canada, where she currently resides.

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