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'Awaken Your Inner Guru'
Online Virtual Retreat! 
Saturday October 30th, 2021

Reserve Your Spot ~ Limited to 8 People
Sign Up By 10/15/21 & Receive a 60-minute 1-on-1 Healing Session with Dr. Harmony & Julian!

'Awaken Your Inner Guru'

Online Retreat Group Healing

Have you been feeling stuck? Let Dr. Harmony & Julian assist you to unlock your hidden potential, awaken your inner guru powers, allowing you to trust your intuition and create the abundance you desire! 


In this Group Healing Retreat, WE will help you reset your mind, body, heart and soul, so you can remember your true identity. 

8 Spots Available, creating an intimate experience that will hold sacred space for you to immerse deep within your heart. During this deep dive, we will guide you through a process to help you connect to your heart, listen to your inner wisdom, trust that everything you need is already within you, and receive activations & strategies so you can make a rapid shift in your reality! 


Here is what your program includes -

Receive $1384 In FREE BONUSES: 

  • 5-Hour LIVE Healing Session w/ Dr. Harmony & Julian

  • Interactive Exercises

  • Energy Activations & Transmission  

  • On-Demand Version – Recorded Session

  • Private Facebook Group

  • EARLY BIRD BONUS: One-Hour Healing Session w/ Dr. Harmony & Julian ($333 value) - If signed up by 10/15/2021

  • BONUS 2: 'FREE Your Soul' Online Coaching Program ($444 value)

  • BONUS 3: 'Release Your Past' Guided Meditation Audio Series ($111 value)

  • BONUS 4: ‘Raise Your Vibration’ Healing Meditation Audio Series ($111 value)

  • BONUS 5: ‘Manifest Your Destiny’ Online Audio Series ($88 value)

  • BONUS 6: ‘Reprogram Your Childhood Wounds’ Online Course ($297 value)

PREPAY & 2-PAY Options Available. 

Content and virtual chatroom details will be emailed to you approx. 48 hours after your enrollment. 

I'm Ready to

Awaken My Inner Guru!

LET US TEACH YOU TO RECLAIM YOUR POWER!  During this virtual session, Dr. Harmony & Julian will use their intuition, Divine guidance, personal mastery coaching strategies, and a variety of energetic therapies and activation's. Together, we will create intimate space for soul freedom and expansion. This online retreat is tailored specifically to help identify your personal lie that is blocking you from aligning with your ultimate truth. It is time to honor your authentic self. The sky is the limit!

'Awaken Your Inner Guru' Virtual Retreat

Are You Ready to Unlock Your Soul’s Hidden Potential and Discover Your True Self?!

If so, this POWER PACKED Inward Retreat is for you!!

🌟 Discover the real YOU

🌟 Awaken your soul blueprint

🌟 Activate your light

🌟 Access your spiritual gifts

🌟 Allow love into your heart

🌟 Align with your destiny

🌟 Attract Abundance

This immersive is designed to activate your soul’s original blueprint, unlock your hidden power, transform your life, and awaken your inner power. It is packed with healing energy transmissions, activation’s, and creative source energy upgrades, which will activate your Holy-Grail codes, as you connect the feminine Christ grids, and re-program your soul’s DNA, so that you can restore your original soul blueprint, and connect to your highest timeline. 

I'm Ready to

Awaken My Inner Guru!


‘Awaken Your Inner Guru’ –Online Retreat

Zoom call will be held on Saturday, October 30th at:

11am PST; 11 am MST; 1 pm CST; 2 pm EST;

7 pm UTC (LONDON) & 4 am Sunday GMT+10(Sydney Australia)

PREPAY & 2-PAY Options Available. 

Content and virtual chatroom details will be emailed to you approx. 48 hours after your enrollment. 

I'm Ready to

Awaken My Inner Guru!

Meet Dr. Harmony & Julian

Best Selling Author | Twin Flame Ascension Experts | Personal Mastery Transformational Coaches | Intuitive Energy Healers | Spiritual Mentors

Our combined 37-year background in quantum healing has equipped us to help you heal your abandonment wounds, transform your trauma, recode your emotions, transcend your limitations, and reclaim your power, as you come into alignment with your true self, and magnetize your twin flame.

Our mission is to help you dissolve dysfunctional blueprints that is blocking you from experiencing abundance in all areas of your life.

We offer individual 1-on-1 healing services and programs.

However should you feel called, you can benefit from our shared wisdom, love & energy that will accelerate your healing process creating rapid shifts in your reality.

“Highly Awakened Power Couples are the Way towards Creating the New Earth!” 
                           – Dr. Harmony & Julian

I'm Ready to

Awaken My Inner Guru!

Radiant Reviews 


"The progress just keeps unfolding, it is so WOW! Dr. Harmony has the most amazing energy."

- Heather S. (Whales, UK)


"Dr. Harmony is an AMAZING guide and teacher! Truly and amazing experience!"

- Kelley G. (Scottsdale, AZ)


““Dr. Harmony is an AMAZING healer!!  With her energy work and chakra aligning she was able to help me find peace and clarity!"

- Tori S. (Lansing, MI) 

"Julian is seriously a master at his craft.. He is extremely knowledgeable and knows the answer and the solution to what I can say is almost everything. Not only is he super sweet and friendly he is also caring, he's not only in it for the money. I will recommend him to anyone that wants to see results.! Not a phony 1hr long massage that will have you walking out the same way you came in. Check him out you will not be disappointed."

- Evelyn R.

"Julian is a real healer. He has a healing touch, yes, but more importantly he has a healing presence. He is strong, grounded, and generous, and you can feel that he really CARES about you and your experience.

I was a bit of a hot mess on the table -- I had come in for help releasing all the tension in my upper back and shoulders, which I knew was emotional. I cried A LOT, and Julian just radiated compassion. He was great when I wanted to talk about it, and easily fell into silence when it was clear that I didn't. *Highly* recommended."

- Melanie C.

"Julian was exceptional. I lead a very active lifestyle both in terms of physical activity and stress level.  He worked muscle groups I didn't even know I had to release shoulder soreness.  I cannot speak more highly of him. I would recommend him to anyone."

- Claudia C.


Limited Time Money-Back Guarantee

Making the decision to participate in ‘Awaken Your Inner Guru’ – Virtual Retreat is an opportunity for you to make a commitment to yourself. Just like anything in life, what you put into it you will get out of it. However, by choosing to take personal accountability and acknowledging that only you are responsible for your own happiness is mastering the first step towards shifting from where you are now, to where you want to be! From confusion to confidence. WE am here to facilitate your journey as you align with your truth, take back your power is discover the real you.

Your greatest resistance will create your greatest breakthrough! If you are experiencing resistance, then you are experiencing exactly what you need to create your first breakthrough by signing up for this course and becoming the leader of your own life and accomplishing freedom – so you can fly forward free!

Due to limited space, ‘Awaken Your Inner Guru’ – Virtual Retreat commitments are final within 48 hours of purchase. If your purchase is made within 2 weeks of the first online session, there will not be a refund, so whichever comes first. All content will be delivered approximately 48 hours of purchasing course. Please check spam mail if you have not received within that time-frame. Otherwise, if for any reason you determine ‘Awaken Your Inner Guru’ – Virtual Retreat is not right for you before these time frames, you may cancel in writing for a full refund by emailing: 

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