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Twin Flames is a Journey of the Heart

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

FASTEN YOUR SEAT BELT and Prepare for Landing – We are Almost Home! Intense energetic shifts ahead, as the LUNAR and SOLAR ECLIPSE Portals, Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year all merge, forcing us to attend the affairs of our hearts!

The Long Journey Home – Where the Heart Is!

Our hearts have been on a long journey home and we are now healing past abandonment. These energies are creating challenging times, in order to expand the emotions of the Divine feminine, as we create empowerment of our Divine masculine within – helping us restore wholeness, creating the Universal heart – so we can go home – where the heart is! We are being forced to connect to our inner Divine mother to heal the wounds of the heart, by revisiting subconscious childhood memories, allowing us to connect and heal our inner child, these wounds can no longer exist in the new 5D energy, so we are being forced to release anything blocking us from experiencing Divine love to its fullest capacity. This shift is assisting us by creating self-love, which in turn generates Universal love as we collectively let love live!

To Let Down Your Walls and Open Your Heart

When you surrender to your personal path:

  • Release Your Past

  • Raise Your Vibration

  • Reclaim Your Life

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